Brad Pitt is coming to Copenhagen to shoot his new climate movie Saving Planet Earth. In the movie Brad Pitt must save the world before the climate catastrophe. The part of Brad Pitt is handed over to ordinary people.

Thus over the next 12 days ordinary people both girls and boys, young people and old people will play the part as Brad Pitt. Every day between December 8 and 18 we will cast new Brad Pitts. Every day a film crew will shoot and produce a movie. And every day on this website it will be possible to watch an episode of the movie – a movie which on the last day will be completed and thus save the world…

So if you want to play the starring role as Brad Pitt in the one and only climate catastrophe movie that can save the world and make people realise the need for a big change, then show up for the casting in the container at Gl. Torv every day between 14-16.

Christian Lollike´s “Cosmic Fear – or the day Brad Pitt got paranoid” takes its starting point in modern man´s cosmic fear and the dream of really being able to do something and create a better world. Today the superstars in Hollywood are standing in line to play that part – on and outside the white screen. And what if you were one of the biggest… what if you were Brad Pitt. Then you could make a movie or a work of art that could make a big difference and finally make humanity come to terms with inscrutable Mother Nature. We follow (our notion/idea of) Brad Pitt through his or her various attempts to make a difference and save the world from total destruction. But it is not quite as simple and even a superhero can be overtaken by cosmic fear.

Main concept: Tue Biering, Christian Lollike and Nicolaj Spangaa

Directors: Tue Biering, Christian Lollike, Nicolaj Spangaa, Peter Flyvholm, Aage Rais

Main Photographer: Talib Rasmussen, Cameraassistents/b-photographers: Linda Laage, Heine Bø, Malene Laurvig, Jacob Sofussen, Editing: Kenneth Olsen, Production Design: Nicolaj Spangaa, Nadia Nabil Nielsen, Assistents: Tanja Diers, Marijana Jankovic, Productionmanager: Mette Bisgaard, Producer: Hanna W. Grue, Production: Alex Häggström, Morten Tejlgaard, Sebastian Ziska, Sound: Aske Hoeg, Jonas Kreiner, Lys: Tobias Juhl, Text: Christian Lollike, Co-writers: Jens Christian Lauenstein Led, Tanja Diers, Titlemusic: Harpcore, Additional music: Harpcore, Kronos Quartet, Le Tone, M83

Brad Pitt is played by: Arthur Valdemar Van Beckerlær, Antoine Faye, Sabrina Schnabel, Nicholas Sherry, Jacob Krefeld, Camilla Rosenkrands, Jonas Persson, Christian Collants, Jan Mortensen, David Rebouh, Jonas Dhyrbye, Marie Højlt, Jørgen Juul, Adam Marques, Tobias Jørgensen, Moses Malone

Participating Actors: Peter Flyvholm, Marie Dalsgaard

Choirleader: Kathrine Brøndsted, Choir: Mikkel Reenberg, Johanne Louise Schmidt, Gry Guldager Jensen, Ida Marie Rasmussen, Patricia Schumann, Jakob Faurby, Pelle Nordhøj Kann, Nanna Bøttcher, Özlem Saglanmak, Malin Brolin-Tani, Nanna Schaumburg Müller, Kendra Lou, Sabrina Ruiz, Carina Britt Schiessl

Thanks to: Aarhus Teater, Scenokrati, Klaus Godskesen, Jonas Vest, Jess Thede, Statens Teaterskole, Husets Teater, Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Jakob Kryger, Teater V, Prøvehallen Valby, Cæcilie Nilsson, Huset i Magstræde, Boomerang Aps, FilmGEAR, Cinecast Rental A/S, EF Rental, Byens Skilte, Huset med det grønne træ, twentyfourseven, Christina Wideman, Café Teatret, Christian Rasmussen, Nadja Kaspersen