A performance that dealt with and made use of the powerfull psycologies of buying an other person/selling your self for money.

The performance was a staging of the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Pretty Woman’ where we bought a prostitute each night to perform the role of Julia Roberts Vivian, and professional performer Anders Mossling performed Richard Geres role Edward, thus recreating the money and powerbased starting point between Vivian and Edward that movie has. It took place in three construction site containers placed on the central prostitution square in Vesterbro.

9 woman from the local drugprostitution scene performed in the play. In the performance they where given stage directions and lines through an in-ear loud-speaker.

The resulting performance was a very fragile and intense being-together between audience, actors and the prostitutes inside the containers. As it happened in the film, you very quickly forgot that Vivian was a prostitute, instead hoping for the romance to happen.

We like to see theatre as a form of friendship. In this case very strange but intense and warm relations was created between actors, audience and prostitutes. Outside the containers the performance raised a great deal of debate on the subject prostitution, inside the containers it gave the audience the possiblity to meet the persons behind the debate without ever letting them speak other lines than the strict dialog of the ‘Pretty Woman’ movie.


Performers: Anders Mossling, Egill Palsson, 9 prostitutes

Directing: Tue Biering, Jeppe Kristensen

Set-design: Christian Friedlænder

Productionmanager: Anders Sylvest

Videodesign: Jonas Jongejan

Lightdesign: Antonio Rodrigues Andersen

Sounddesign: Aske Høeg

Stagemanager/props: Siri Vilbøl

Assistant director: Sanna Albjørk

Production Manager: Anders Sylvest

Posterphoto: Per Morten Abrahamsen


Danish Arts Counsil


Best director 2009