We love the stories where good triumphs over evil. In all good drama, literature, movies, pixie books, good ideals fight against dark forces. We like stories that end well. We know who to cheer for. We like that we at the theater are constructive. That we tell people to behave properly. But the world has become complex. Now we have to see it from several sides, we have to accommodate them all and we have to understand the big contexts.

Three actors throw themselves into the battle between good and evil in a world where heroes fall from the sky. Where Morgan Freeman is no longer “always feel good”. Where we can no longer dance innocently to Michael Jackson, where Ronaldo cheats on taxes and rapes unconscious women and so does Dr Cosby Huxable by the way. A world where the saints are pedophiles, the collectivists have hidden bank accounts and where the liberalists practice humanism to a degree that the avowed humanists will never be able to match.We can no longer work out who is who because reality has run away from the fictions we grew up with – the time when fairy tales clear division of the world between the bad and the good made the language clear and the world a clear and safe place to be.

“I want to go back to the fairy tale. Back when the world was black and white. I want to go back to heroes, villains, good and evil and where everyone plays their roles as they should”


Playwright and director Tue Biering

Set designer Nicolaj Spangaa

Assistant Director Jara El Baz

Lighting design Kasper Daugberg

Sound Design Aske Bergenhammer Hoeg

In addition, Sofie Elisabeth Strunck, Emma Gonzales Busk, Rumle Grunwald Falk, Anders Chræmmer, Dorit Selmer, Bo Windfeldt, Hans Peder Christensen, Benny Wagner, Geden Ludvig Zookeeper Anders Vestergård Jensen also take part

Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset