29.04.2017 – 20.05.2017
The ultimate story of the world’s most important animal species. We try to accommodate refugees fleeing war, hunger and disasters. We try to empathize with the homeless, the sick and the weak. But how can we accommodate the whole world when we can’t even accommodate our own neighbour? Actors Maria Rich, Nana Bang, Nicolai Dahl Hamilton and Peter Flyvholm make the attempt. In director Tue Biering’s and scenographer Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz’s performance WE ARE THE WORLD, they try to find a new community together, while they are constantly disturbed by their own phones, friends’ Facebook updates and incoming text messages. They are locked in a claustrophobic cabinet on stage, like insects in a terrarium, while they try to concentrate on Schopenhauer’s theories about the will that drives life forward, on Buddhism’s pursuit of absolute tranquility, on gruesome tales of rapes and executions from war in the Balkans. But constantly there is something else that annoys.
Will it succeed?WE ARE THE WORLD is not just a performance. It does not premiere, changes constantly and is not the same two days in a row.

Concept, direction and scenography TUE BIERING, MARIE ROSENDAHL CHEMNITZ Cast NICOLAI DAHL HAMILTON, PETER FLYVHOLM, MARIA RICH, NANNA CECILIE BANG Text THE TEAM Lighting design and production ELKE LALEMAN Stage master MIKKEL MUNK IVERSEN Sound design and production DITLEV BRINTH Playwright TANJA DIERS Props and performance manager JOSEFINE ELSE LARSEN Costumes CAMILLA LIND et al Sewing studio SIRI JEPSEN and AMALIE AUNSBJERG Masks ANNA LADAS Director’s assistant CECILIA LAMBERTScenographer’s assistant DITTE MARIE LYNGEPhoto RUMLE SKAFTE trailer SILAS EMMERY trailer sound design DITLEV BRINTH With support from the STATENS KUNSTFOND and Copenhagen Municipality’s Performing Arts Committee