8 cars, a local population and a cult TV series

2-12. March + 28 July-13 August

Join us on an exclusive car journey through Odsherred’s winter darkness and visit the locals.

“Welcome to Twin Peaks” brings the cult series to life in Odsherred and exclusively with local actors.
In 8 cars, local citizens drive the audience around the area to meet other locals, people they would probably never have met otherwise, to hear their very personal stories. Maybe they will have some prejudices challenged – maybe the world is not what they think it is.
In this radically different theatrical version of David Lynch’s ground-breaking 1990 TV series, there is no crime, but you can get in the back seat of the forensic psychiatrist’s, high school teacher’s or former police detective’s car as they drive to visit the Greek, the Dung Dogs, the Horse Girl , those with the china shop and many more.
All the actors have a special relationship with Twin Peaks and the series’ characters.

Welcome to Twin Peaks is a visual piece of landscape theater, a teeming portrait of a number of citizens of Odsherred. But above all, it is a humorous and human examination of our notions and prejudices about the strangers – the people we do not know.

Actors: Susanne Selle Dennis Nielsen Dorthe Schønning Jensen Helle HøstJane Lykke,Jette Lindquist Jette Sloth Nielsen Lene Buchwald Mogens og Marie Misser Ronny Andersen Allan Køhler-Andersen Rosemary Willows Sebastian Selle Tonny og Lene Larsen Louise Porret, Bjørn Kaldan, Vagn Oulund, Mikkel Olsen Susanne Bennedsen Jane Sørensen Erik Rasmussen Martin Hall Liv Bertelsen

Idea: fix&foxy
koncept and direction: Tue Biering og Jeppe Kristensen
Texts by the team and actors
Co-direction: Mei Oulund, Henrik Ipsen and Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz
Set designer: Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz
Recruitment: Henrik Ipsen
Sound designer: Rasmus Juncker
Director and sound assistant: Rebekka Meyer
Production manager: Dennis Veilgaard
Technician: Morten Birch Nielsen
Scenography assistant: Elke Laleman
Project coordinator: Joan U
Graphic design and photo: Søren Meisner
Theater manager: Simon Vagn Jensen
Administrator: Flemming Hansen
PR and communication: Joan Stræde
Thanks to:
Claus Christensen, CC Autoservice Vig Forsamlinghus Kongsøre Kro Kongsøre Camping Madsens Food House Henning Andersen Signs
The performance is produced by Odsherred Teater