DAS BECKVÄRK, GLADSAXE THEATER 11 January – 15 February 2003.

About the idealistic architect who wants to build a world parliament where all people can have an equal say. Who will build it? The people, of course! Unfortunately they demand money…

Secretly, the Architect gets the necessary money from the Currency Trader, who has just made 70 billion from China’s economic collapse. Construction begins, but the Architect and the Workers do not understand each other. He wants an open house, while the people want a fortress that can keep the strangers out. The vision of world democracy develops into a bloody tragedy. The only one who understands the Architect is the country’s Princess, who has run away after a car accident and dreams of being a human being like everyone else.


Lars Mikkelsen, Mads Wille, Ellen Nyman, Ulver Skuli Ryberg, Claus Beck-Nielsen

Text: Claus Beck-Nielsen

Instruction: Tue Biering

Set designer: Nicolaj Spangaa