A Belgian couple is on their way to Sweden to visit their son and see their newborn grandson for the first time. A Latvian truck driver on his way with goods stops to pee and buy licorice. A Danish lesbian couple is on an educational trip in Europe with their twin girls. An elderly man orders a beer. A businessman on his way to Berlin wants coffee. Suddenly a Syrian woman is standing in the cafeteria, and outside in the parking lot more and more refugees are gathering. The doors to the cafeteria are locked to keep out the flow of refugees, and the cafeteria, which for the guests was only intended as a short and unimportant stop on the road, becomes the arena for an existential drama about where Europe is heading.


Jørgen W. Larsen

Lars Topp Thomsen

Kathrine Høj Andersen

Niels Anders Manley

Jacob Hannibal

Marie Knudsen Fogh

Ena Spottag

direction: Tue Biering

scenographer: Nicolaj Spangaa

playwright Julie Maj Jakobsen


Lighting designer
Mathias Hersland

Sound designer
Christian Berg

Refugee statistics
The participating “refugees” in the performance are all asylum seekers from North Jutland asylum centres