With a team of three Chinese actors, fix+foxy sets out to uncover the empires of the time and their troops.

The world is built on empires. Empires arise, grow, collapse and are taken over by other empires. The empires are many and their troops are everywhere. But you can’t always see them. They creep in, very close, without you noticing. Maybe they are already here…

In an apartment that is so IKEA that it could just as well be in Stockholm as in Shanghai, three Chinese actors sit and discuss the world situation, sci-fi films and narratives about empires that are in the process of taking over the globe. But who exactly is the invasive species? Are we already ruled by encroaching economic empires that, through burgers, coffee, furniture, or technology, take over our lives and thoughts? Empires that know that it is all about dominating. Because only the strongest survives.

IMPERIAL TROOPERS is inspired by the American sci-fi film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Originally it was an American propaganda film that, with Hollywood’s popular and effective horror, was supposed to warn against communism’s destruction of Western values.

Trilogy about empires
IMPERIAL TROOPERS is the second part in fix+foxy’s trilogy about empires. The first part, the dramatic western DARK NOON, premiered in 2019. The performance was played by seven South African actors who, from their perspective, told the migration story of the Europeans, where thousands of hungry and poor people fled to America to colonize “The Promised Land”. DARK NOON received a Reumert in 2019, while Johan Johan Kølkjær was nominated for a Reumert for his pioneering scenography. Johan Kølkjær has also made the scenography for IMPERIAL TROOPERS. This time in a sci-fi setting.

IMPERIAL TROOPERS is produced in collaboration with Blaagaard Teater and is supported by Bikubenfonden, the Danish Arts Foundation for Performing Arts, Nordic Culture Fund, S.C. Van Fonden, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond and Beckettfonden.

The show was first performed 1-21 June 2023 at Blaagaard Teater in Copenhagen.

Cast Zenghao Yang, Yik-Sau Chung, Robin Khor Yong Kuan
Director Tue Biering
Set Designer Johan Kølkjær
Sound design Daniel Fogh
Light design Balder Nørskov
Dramaturg Cille Melgaard
Assisting director Katinka Hurvig Møller
Costumes Clara Bisgaard
Props Mille Carla Lorentzen Kristensen
Interns Léa Falconnet, Aurélie Alessandroni
Set designer’s assistant Mai Katsume
Stage manager Svante Huniche Corell
Communications manager Anne Bennike
Consultant Fabrizio Massini
Research  Nannan Chen
Production manager Anne Balsma
Producer Annette Max Hansen
Photo Catrine Zorn and Søren Meisner