They live in ghettos. Predominantly spending time with those who already share their cultural values. Their children are enrolled into special schools and they don’t wish to contribute to the greater community.

Fix&Foxy invites the wealthy into our imagination and our conception of what they are like and and how they live their lives. A performance dealing with vulnerability of being extremely rich and isolated from the surrounding society.

Then there is a knock at the door: It’s the under-class.



Participants Homeless, indebted people, the upper class, people on social benefits and those who attend theatre performances to gaze at the others…

Cast Maria Rich

Director Tue Biering

Set and costume designer Karin Gille og Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz

Lightdesigner Karl Sørensen

Sound designer Janus Jensen

Dramaturge Aljoscha Begrich

Consultant Sascha Kempinski

Caster Naomi Aisen Sattrup

Props coordinator Therese A. Jensen

Stage Manager: Signe Lausen, Rose Marie Jul Lerstrup

Production Manager Jesper Sønderstrup

Chief Carpenter Rasmus Rahbek

Head of Costume Christina Seistrup

Producer Karoline Michelsen

International producer Annette Max Hansen

Curator and Artistic Director at Revolver Rikke Hedeager

Photo Søren Meisner

We the one % is a co-production with Revolver.

The production is supported by Danish Arts Foundation, Beckett-Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Østerbro Lokaludvalg, Danish Actors’ Association and Axel Muusfedts Fond.