Challenge 07

an election campaign for community spirit

In 2007, we wanted to make a performance in connection with the general election. As the official election campaign progressed, we became more and more uncomfortable with the way all political parties catered exclusively to majority groups, who were promised better economic conditions and more welfare.
Together with performer and activist Ellen Nyman and TV-GLad, a TV station run by disabled people, we therefore led an election campaign for three disabled employees at TV-Glad – Nikolaj, Vibeke and Amir.
Their campaign was about speaking on behalf of all minorities, who were otherwise overheard in the election campaign of the major parties.
Thanks to a great effort by a group of volunteers, Nikolaj, Vibeke and Amir managed to collect enough signatures to actually appear on the official ballot.

The incident took an unexpected turn when the three candidates were censored from Deadline on DR.

Jeppe Kristensen, Ellen Nymann, Tue Biering, Lars Werner Thomsen, Jesper Michelsen, Mikkel Holmbäck, Henrik Marentius, Amir Becirovic, Nicolai K. Mittet, Vibeke Baden Laursen