The Royal Theatre, 20 January-4 March 2016

The Red Room invites director Tue Biering to give them a challenge, and he has set the task: live out your dream performances on stage.

It’s an evening where six actors’ dreams of the most amazing, boundary-crossing, touching, society-shattering performance come true for a moment. They get the chance to create that special moment in the theater they have dreamed of, the one that makes the big difference, an ultimate personal achievement or the opportunity to create something artistically perfect, flawless, magical just this once.

Tue Biering has been behind TurboTown at the Royal Theater and most recently in the Ministry of Events created Singin’ in the Rain, Family investigation, This is not the Star Wars trilogy and Staying Alive. As part of the artist duo Fix & Foxy, he created A Doll’s House for the Royal Theater in 2014, which was performed in private homes in Copenhagen and Oslo.

Dream performances will be created in close collaboration with the actors.



Mikkel Arndt

Peter Christoffersen

Marie Dalsgaard

Nicolai Dahl Hamilton

Purple Nobel

Staging: Tue Biering

Scenography and costumes: Jonas Fly

Lighting design: Clement Irbil

The Royal Theatre, Skuespilhuset, The Red Room

Premiere January 7, 2016