with the ROYAL DANISH BALLET 28 October – 17 November 2016

A ballet of destruction and about letting Sleeping Beauty face reality

If there is one ballet that is as beautiful as a dream and almost unreal graceful and romantic, then it is Sleeping Beauty. It’s a ballet that looks like a dream, a wonderful world you can disappear into with princes, princesses and great love. Sleeping Beauty is the climax of the romantic ballet, where the dancers seem to float. It’s almost as if they also only exist in the imagination.

In Sleeping Beauty must die, Corpus has invited Biering/Chemnitz to the ballet for the first time. They have been tasked to fuck with the dream world. In their ballet of destruction, the sweaty crotch bandages, the injuries and gravity come into view. It shows the dancers’ irritation with the gender roles behind the adorable tutus, their sexuality, injuries and looming age. Sleeping Beauty Must Die challenges everything we think we know about Sleeping Beauty.

Biering/Chemnitz is the director Tue Biering and the scenographer Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz. Tue Biering is one part of Fix&Foxy and has, among other things, staged the blockbuster Pretty Woman with prostitutes, outsourced a performance of Elverhøj to Bangladesh and let 30 teenagers invite the audience into their very intimate lives. Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz has been part of the artist collective Sort Samvittighed and, together with Tue Biering, has created the performances Familieudredning and Staying Alive at the Ministry of Events.

Here they create a ballet together with Corpus and seven dancers from the Royal Ballet by seeing and showing them as real people.

Cast: Susanne Gry Grinder, Benjamin Buza, Alexander Stæger, Sam Rees, Eliabe D’Abadia, Cedric Lambrette, Julien Roman

Concept and director: Tue Biering

Scenography and costumes: Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz

Sound design: Ditlev Brinth Christiansen

Lighting design: Anders Poll

Production assistant: Katinka Hurvig Møller