Darkness is a poetic, visual and physical performance by Flyvende Grise – the ensemble behind the Reumert Prize-winning performance The Story of Everything.

You turn off the light, you close your eyes, and you let the dreams take over you…

We all have an idea of our dream job, dream trip or the perfect dream life. But not all dreams we wish come true.

Darkness sends you on a journey into the darker layers of the alternate realities of fantasy and dreams. Here, nothing is what it first appears to be. And what do you do when you can’t trust what you think you’re experiencing?

Behind this visual and strongly physical performance is the only ensemble in Denmark that – in addition to the almost weightless actor Thomas Corneliussen – also has a habit of having robots in the cast.

Darkness splits the reality you’re watching into multiple layers of animations, live video manipulation and newly composed music. Here, nothing is what it first appears to be.

The press wrote:

“an incredible performance. (…) Scary and funny at the same time. And as theater craft considered absolutely eminent.” Jyllands-Posten

“‘Flying Pigs’ has once again performed one of those performances that storms the barricades in the sand castles of our welfare society at breakneck speed. With Corneliussen as one man on stage, and all the others at pumps, wrenches, sound generators and light and video organs for to create the kind of total theater that has its roots in people like Chaplin and Jacques Tati.” Gregersdh.dk

“The brilliant Thomas Corneliussen is alone on stage in a perfectly orchestrated interplay with a sublimely disturbing soundscape, with the light that comes and goes, with projections, TV screen, refrigerator and the animated monsters, which become a not-so-slightly creepy part of his existence.” Berlingske Tidende

“Thomas Corneliussen is a magical performer. He can stand with his jointed shoulders in a flapping suit and look like any banker in the world. But as soon as he glances at the audience and raises as much as a knee, his radiance turns on as if he had built a lighting system into his body – and then you can’t help but stare at him until his performance is finished .” Information

“Rapid scene changes. Sounds and movements in fast forward or slow motion that poetically and inventively show the increasing insanity (…) brilliantly funny.” the policy

Actor: Thomas Corneliussen Direction: Tue Biering Scenography: Nicolaj Spangaa Script: Thomas Corneliussen and Tue Biering Composers: Mark Solborg and Maja Romm Lighting design: Andreas Buhl
Sound design: Janus Jensen Producer: Søren Normann Hansen

The performance is supported by the Danish Arts Council’s Performing Arts Committee and Copenhagen Theatre.