Poul Reumert is dead, long live Poul Reumert! Imagine if the very King of the Royal Theater in the 20th century once again had the opportunity to let his ore-filled voice be heard.

In Reumert Remix, Poul Reumert rises from the dead. Actor Thomas Corneliussen puts his mouth to Reumert’s many outpourings and Lip-synchs himself through portraits of great men, lumpy characters, guys in love and grumpy old patriarchs. As if his mouth were a loudspeaker for Reumert’s words. On the other hand, Thomas Corneliussen’s body does not always want the same as his mouth. And that can well cause a bit of dramatic tension.

The Ministry of Events in Skuespilhuset has set itself a formidable task – to give Reumert a magnificent comeback in the 21st century. Over 100 hours of sound recordings with Poul Reumert have been cross-cut and scratched, looped and filtered to create a completely new story about the enigmatic actor. For who was he really inside the Caesar costume and the heavy white make-up?

The name is undoubtedly Reumert, Poul Reumert. The man behind the name is sent for a ride in the boxing ring against himself and barely has time to speak before the gong gong challenges him to play a new role. And it’s honestly a bit confusing for the old man to have to keep up with today’s pace. But suddenly the devil takes over Reumert, and he rattles off roles at a pace as if he were on a diet of mescaline and finely chewed laurel wreaths.

Director Tue Biering has put together the story together with Thomas Corneliussen, Jes Theede is the sound man and Event Master Rikke Hedeager Matthiesen is responsible for the production and the laurel wreaths.