a free adaption of the Charles Chaplin movie

Who where they, these sorry guys wandering around the wastelands of Alaska looking for gold back in those days of the 1920ies? Don’t think to long about the daring, fighting optimist with a dream to warm his heart. The truth is: most of them where just tourist, travelling around Alaska to get a good laugh over those poor bastards actually looking for the gold.

When one of these sad souls had fought his way out into the deepest wilderness looking for the golden dust there were already a couple of tourist waiting there laughing at him.

We want to do that, too! We want to laugh all we can at somebody else’s dream. Is that allowed? And is the joke on you if you dream and it isn’t likely at all that that dream will come true?

GULDFEBER stars a spastic, dyslectic, muslim immigrant in the main character as Chaplins little tramp strolling around in the mountains of Klondyke and against all odds ends up with the girl and the gold.

Amir Becirovic,
Sigrid Kandal Husjord,
Daniel Norback,
Søren Poppel

Directed and written by:
Tue Biering og Jeppe Kristensen

Sigurður Óli Pálmason