A performance on globalization with the idea to do exactly as Nike says, just do it!. The result was the performance “Come on Bangladesh, just do it!”
It was performed at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. In the performance we took the classic piece of the theatre – “Elf Hill, a 19thcentury romance – and outsourced it to Bangladesh. We went to Bangladesh and hired 5 actors, taught them the necessary danish in 6 weeks, flew them to Denmark where they performed “Elf Hill” at The Royal Theatre.
The performance was part staging of the romance, part documentary about the process of outsourcing the play and part interaction with the audience who in the form of drinks, pizzas branding were given the surplus that came from using very cheap actors.
Rather than doing classical well-performed theatre, the point of this performance was to bring the audience and the workers that produce their consumer goods together in the theatre. The just Do It approach gives us the opportunity to make a political interested performance based on curiosity and human interests rather than political slogans.
Performers: Shamima Shawket Lovely, Shahnazzarin Sattar Reetu, Tomiz Din Mohammed Akbar R, Mohammad Abdul Wadud Shatabdi, Azad Abdul Kalam Pavel, Ellen Nyman, Thomas Corneliussen, Henrik Jandorf
Concept: Jeppe Kristensen, Tue Biering
Directing: Tue Biering
Text: Jeppe Kristensen
Set-design: Nicolaj Spangaa
Directors assistent: Gry Nybo
Lightdesign: Ulrik Gad
Sounddesign: Sebastian Lund
Video: Thomas Carlsen
Stagemanager: Eva Præstiin
Photos: Per Morten Abrahamsen
Produced by The Royal Danish Theatre