– your everyday life as you have never seen it before

A high tension drama of love, poetry, dreams, evil, jealousy and revenge

30 April – 5 May 2012

You consider an everyday situation.

In your ear you have the sound from a special radio channel.

It puts a soundtrack under what you’re watching.

It tells the stories of the people you observe.

It gives you the unspoken lines they have.

It gives you insight into their internal dramas.

It gives you a completely new view of your world

You are in the middle of everyday drama.

Experience a completely new original performance every day, in a new place in the city.

Game times:

Mon 30/4 – Thu 3/5: 5.00pm+6.00pm+7.00pm

Friday 4/5: at 20.00+21.00+22.00

Saturday 5/5: at 13.00+14.00


Wednesday 2/5 at 8.00 and Thursday 3/5 at 12.00

The venue will only be given up on the day itself via SMS.

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