“Art and politics are separate dimensions and what I did was in the world of art”

Leni Riefenstahl

With “Triumph of the Will” we are trying to recreate one of film history’s great but deeply problematic masterpieces: Leni Riefenstahl’s Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will. As a gifted, pioneering woman, Riefenstahl came in 1934 to destroy art’s relationship to beauty. With her poetically filmed and eminently edited film Viljens Triumf, she made art’s relationship to optimism and community a rotten banana.

The Triumph of the Will is a masterpiece about freedom, community and optimism.

A work of art which, with its beauty and sublime aesthetics, managed to give its audience the feeling of hope and the will to change the world. The Triumph of the Will, the actors and its audience changed the world with a power and effect that few works of art before or since have had.

Can art be the bearer of political messages and in the name of art disclaim responsibility for its subsequent effect.

Cast: Anders Mossling

Concept and instruction:

Tue Biering and Jeppe Kristensen.


Sille Don’s Heltoft.

Video designer: Jonas Jongejan.

Lighting designer

Kristine Hamann Rasmussen.

Sound designer: Jes Brander Theede

Performance manager:

Pernille Kabell.

Assistant Instructors:

Johan Sarauw, Franziska Koller.

Set Designer: Joy Sun-Ra Pawl Hoyle.

Press and marketing: Janne Schnipper.

Producer and production manager: Søren Normann Hansen.

The performance is supported by: The Arts Council’s Performing Arts Committee

Copenhagen Municipality’s Performing Arts Committee