About the silent film, its heroes and a new world of moving images

Nørrebro Theatre, Frederiksberg stage 23 March – 20 April 2013


About a world that was once black and white and where the masters of slapstick were the true heroes of the time.

The performance is a declaration of love to the equilibrists of the silent film who, with the most daring slapstick the world had seen, put their lives on the line for the audience’s laughter.

With B/W, Flyvende Grise uses their visual and technical universe to imitate the masters of the silent film in their dangerous art.

Actor: Thomas Corneliussen Direction: Tue Biering Scenography: Nicolaj Spangaa Script: Thomas Corneliussen and Tue Biering Composers: Mark Solborg and Maja Romm Lighting design: Andreas Buhl Sound design: Janus Jensen Producer: Søren Normann Hansen

The performance is supported by the Danish Arts Council’s Performing Arts Committee and Copenhagen Theatre.