NORDSKOVEN is an autobiographical performance, based on the life of Mungo Park actor Kasper Leisner.

Jeppe runs. Because if there’s one thing he can do, it’s running. On the sports field, in the military and from the first 13 years of his life. He runs away from his childhood home. From the boy he once was. Jeppe wants to start over and changes his name to Kasper.

A new life begins. Kasper must find his own way. But can you change your future by escaping from your past?

NORDSKOVEN takes us on a journey through a man’s life. A journey where love, failure, desire for freedom and dreams often take quite unexpected directions with major personal consequences. This is the journey from the narrow film idyll of early childhood through the first parties and boyfriends to the theater school, the hippie collective, Mungo Park and the great love.

Despite the many dramatic incidents, the performance raises the question: Is Kasper Leisner’s turbulent life in reality very different from yours and mine?


Casper Leisner

Peter Christoffersen

Concept and Direction:

Tue Biering


Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz


Catherine Bunton

Sound Design:

Rasmus Overgaard Hansen

Lighting design:

Jacob Rasmussen

Assistant Instructors:

Tabitha Friis Kristensen

Ida Marie Bille


Anne Sophie Fogedby