On stage are seven completely ordinary people. They are not actors. They have become related to each other through their children. They do not know each other’s stories and expose their life stories on stage to find out who they have ended up in the family with.

With this performance, they are all together for the first time. It turns out that they have already crossed each other’s lives over the past 60 years by chance.

On stage, we hear the story of the butcher’s daughter who bathed in sausage roll water and regrets that she never became a gogo dancer, the girl from the Indremission home who didn’t dare to follow her dreams, the man who has read the Encyclopedia twice and can prove his own immortality, the dyslexic boy who ran away from home, got a girl in every port and later suffered memory loss, the man who became 15 cm shorter in one day and learned to fly by the power of thought, the girl who wanted to see the whole world and met Amdi Petersen and the woman who got letter from Mick Jagger and has watched all 5243 episodes of Glamour.
Family investigation, a show about the coincidences of life, about the dreams and expectations of the youth for the future and the absolutely fantastic in the life of every single, completely ordinary person.

Concept, staging, scenography: Tue Biering and Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz.
Dramaturg: Jeppe Kristensen
Performance photos: Natascha Thiara Rydvald

Dance teacher: Hanne Klausen
Singing teacher: Jeanett Albeck

Cast: Biering and Rosendahl Chemnitz’ own parents with new and old partners: Ulla Chemnitz, Jacob Branner, Bente Biering-Sørensen, Gorm Biering-Sørensen, Ninna Stryhn, Stig Rosendahl and Susanne Blom.

familieudredning billedelove will