“Should every man not stand by the
responsibility for one’s own actions?”

Lars von Trier’s modern parable about humanity and the lack of it.

One dark and cold evening, the beautiful Grace Mulligan seeks shelter in the old mining town of Dogville. She is on the run from gangsters. The town’s self-appointed moral spokesman, Tom Edison, takes her out of his good heart, and convinces Dogville’s skeptical residents to hide Grace in exchange for her helping the locals in their work.

As the price for the city’s protection becomes ever higher, she learns that mercy comes with a price. But Grace is hiding a dangerous secret, and her visit is going to change Dogville forever.

By Lars von Trier

Processing Tue Biering, Mathias Rosenkrands Bech and the team

Staging Tue Biering

Set design and costumes Nicolaj Spangaa

Lighting design Jens Klastrup

Sound design Ida Jacobsen


Rikke Lylloff Grace, Kurt Dreyer The Great Man, Benjamin Kitter Tom Edison, Mads Nørby Tom Edison sr., Mikkel Bay Mortensen Ben, Githa Lehrmann Mother Ginger, Betty Glosted Olivia, Nana Christine Morks June, Mette Maria Ahrenkiel Mrs Henson, Klaus T. SøndergaardMr. Henson, Magnus Christensen Bill, Lea Baastrup Rønne Liz, Malene Melsen Vera, Lars Simonsen Chuck, Anders Gjellerup Koch McKay, Louise Davidsen Martha and Michael Grønnemose Gangster/Police.