A group of people are sitting and waiting. They are all elderly people.

They are the so-called ‘grey gold’. Someone has told them that it is over, that there is no more, that this is the terminus. But it’s not over for them. They don’t give up. They are ready. They have seen a lot, trained their bodies and some of them have danced quite a bit.

And now both the bench warmers, the prize couples and those with stage fright have armed themselves with leg warmers and sweatbands and now there’s going to be some damn dancing.

A sort of prom, a manifestation that they are still alive.

Staying Alive is a tale of 42 elderly people. Through dance and movement, they tell fragments of their lives: memories of meetings, love, breakups and grief.

About belonging and not belonging. A poetic and humorous insight into the specific life that becomes the general life through the ages.

Idea and concept Tue Biering & Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz | Staging Tue Biering | Scenography Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz | Choreography Signe Frydenlund & Christine Seierstad | Performance manager Christine Seierstad | Tone master Jonas Jensen | Lighting design Per Olsen | Costumes Anne Sofie Bruun | Production assistant Elisabeth Holager Lund | Producer Rikke Hedeager | Assistant Director Kristoffer Lundberg | Starring Ane Marie Lauritzen, Anette Rørdam, Hans Madsen, Grete Lind Johansen, Henning Jacobsen, Maj-Britt Christensen, Tove Jacobsen, Jette Eiberg, Kristine Jess, Lisbeth Lind, Anne-Marie Thygesen, Ulla Habermann, Ditte Høffding, Erik Lemcke, Susanne Nyrop, Hanne Møller, Runa Christophersen, Karen Henriksen, Edith Schreuder, Lis Høver, Svend Erik Sokkelund, Gunvor Helth, Grete Jensen, Inger Kirkensgård, Marianne Wiedermann, Ingrid Holck Schou, Henny Lihn Jensen, Birgit Frederiksen, Elin Bie Haugen, Helle Pals Frandsen, Munthe Suenson, Karen Honoré, Hanne Moth, Vibeke Niclasen, Flemming Thomsen, Bent Haugshøj, Lena Saul, Tekla Walther, Lotte Strand, Benny Henriksen, Lise Gaarde and Kathe Kiele